Virginia Cruz, LCSW

About Virginia Cruz, LCSW

“I believe in establishing a therapeutic alliance with my clients by truly listening and being a witness to their many experiences, both past and present.  In addition to listening, I work creatively and dynamically, offering tools and skills to help navigate through life's challenges. I am interested in helping you live a wholesome and full life.” 


Throughout her professional work and training experiences, Virginia's interests have led her to working often with people in transitions, especially  college students.  In 2011, she completed her Masters Degree in Social Work at University of Texas at Austin and completed her final field at the Counseling and Mental Health center (CMHC) within UT. Through her internship, Virginia received  supervised training in a clinical setting involving individual, group, and couples counseling, intake, and crisis intervention. 


Virginia has learned various specialized therapeutic skills involving specific populations and treatment, including training in self-compassion, mindfulness, interpersonal therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and most recently dialectical behavior therapy (DBT ).

In addition to her clinical training, Virginia's work experience as a licensed social worker includes employment as a counselor for Austin Community College, Seton Shoal Creek , Maintenance & Recovery Services, Sol Community Counseling, Northwest Counseling & Wellness Center, and Scott and White. 

Virginia is currently accepting new clients, individuals over 18, as well as ongoing group therapy with her colleague Kristina Moshtaghi.

What is an LCSW?

As you may have noticed, there are many different credentials under which a licensed practitioner may practice psychotherapy. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and social workers in our state are regulated by the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners (TSBSWE). The TSBSWE is a state agency which is administratively attached to the Department of State Health Services. 

The TSBSWE provides a helpful fact sheet outlining the qualifications necessary to practice as a "Licensed Mental Health Professional" in the State of Texas on the Consumer Information page.