The Obstacle Remover

The Obstacle Remover


When we first opened up CCAPS, one of our obstacles was figuring out our logo. There is a paradox to this story; the reason we chose the elephant as our symbol, is part of its symbolism as Ganesha - the Elephant God who is known as the obstacle remover! In this post, we want to address what obstacles may look like and how to work with them in order to remove them. 


What Are MY Obstacles?

At CCAPS, we like to work with our clients in helping to identify obstacles. Obstacles can come to us in many forms and are not always apparent. For example, if we are struggling financially, this is an obstacle that tends to be more apparent since it affects our survival and security. We may be more focused on how to eat well, pay rent, etc.  However, sometimes an obstacle is not quite as visible. For instance, we may have an obstacle in allowing ourselves to open up to others. By limiting our vulnerability, the depth and meaning of our relationships may suffer. Without examination we may not even be aware of this interpersonal obstacle dynamic.  


Avoid Making Your Obstacles Your Enemy! 

Rather than fighting against them, the obstacles themselves can inform us of many things. Where we are in our lives, where we would like to be, and potential trips that we may need to take in order to "remove" the obstacles.  This quote by William Arthur Ward translates this concept nicely, "We can choose to throw stones, to stumble on them, to climb over them, or to build with them." Perhaps we can already use the obstacles that are in place and build up from there, or perhaps they do need a complete "removal.”  However, both take patience and practice, as obstacles often build up over time and are not always able to be clearly erased immediately. 


So How Can I Start my Own Obstacle "Removing" Practice?

Although it is possible to identify and work with your obstacles on your own, psychotherapy can be very helpful as it can provide you with someone who can see from a different viewpoint than you, and may have a vantage point that you do not. Once you identify the obstacles, having a therapist can aid in accountability in actively working through them.  Clearing obstacles takes work and perseverance.  In addition, meditation and journaling can be very helpful in this process, to help gain clarity as well as peace of mind.